Dear Friends, it’s been so much fun.

We’re at the end of my simple three-parter series on how I goal planned this year. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 feel the freedom to go back and read them! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this series and have made progress on creating your goals and trusting the Lord with the process He is wanting to take you through this year.

Today as we finish up I would love to hear from you about how your process has gone. Really! I would love to hear from you, please email me at and comment below about your favorite tip/trick and where the Lord is taking you this year. We are living this life together and we are all trying to pursue Him more intimately and encouragement is the way to go together! Now let us dig into this last part well!

Now that we’ve dug into our current status, our fears and written out the dreams for the new year its time to look at it as a big picture. What would your best year look like? Write it down. What would your life look like if you did all you wanted to accomplish, all the Lord has for you by the time your 80?  Write it down and let it encourage and inspire you.

I’ve talked about a Word of the Year before but not in detail. I used to do them every year when I first heard about it in 2010. But When I moved to Texas my WOTY was the same for a few years (Trust) and then I forgot about. I started processing my WOTY as Heart for the Season and allowed the Lord to inspire my heart per school semester and He grew me that way for a few years. The season of pre-engagement, the season of engagement, and then the season as a new wife. This year, my powersheets brought it up and I got so excited to start brainstorming for a word but I had NO idea where to start. What I love about powersheets is that I had to work through all that we did in the past few days before I got to brainstorm my WOTY. Which honestly I believe was intentional because to know where I want to go, where the Lord wants to take me, I have to accept where I’ve been and what I am in need of. I had a few words pop up over the course of the week I progressed in my powersheets, but when I wrote them down it didn’t seem fully right. I wanted all of them! (more, abide, steady, faithful)

So I went to the dictionary and thesaurus and read the definitions and Steadfast came up in all of them. Then I read Steadfast and its definition and I was won over. I knew this is my word of 2018 and it’s been true to this week. I’ve had to work steadfastly in all I’ve done with my goals, my marriage, my health, my family and I’ve seen little by little progress. Thank you, Jesus, for this word and that it is constantly speaking to me in all I do just as You are!

This is such a special page in the powersheets I just wanted to share it with you. But basically, Lara outlined a letter/synopsis of all that I worked through so I could see exactly where I want to go and what I want to accomplish in general. So now that you’ve worked through these, write yourself that letter and declare to yourself that this is going to be the most purposeful year yet!

Now, Tending list Tuesdays is the page you see on the daily to encourage you. After you work through all your goals, (I wrote 10 main ones for each section of my life that needed the most work, that I wanted to grow in: my spiritual life, my health, and my friendships/community/ministry life) and I wrote an action plan for each goal. Little steps that I could work on that would show I am making progress in them. For example, with my health, instead of putting “Lose 30 lbs” I wrote cultivate my health well in 2018. I would love to lose the weight I’ve gained, but I need to make little by little progress on that goal. It starts with working on meal planning, drinking water, and I started taking vitamins on the daily and I am working on a Wellness Revelation book on health and wellness in the Lord. All goals are little in compared to the goal of cultivating wellness, but all work towards that goal in a way I can see growth in and feel and see it later on.

Its been a fun journey with you this month through my goal planning process with Powersheets and I hope you are encouraged! Please message me if you have any questions about this but all links for products I use are in this first link of my goal planning series. I love you, friends! I’m gonna leave this series with this quote from Lara:


Dreams become decisions when you cultivate them – Lara Casey



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