Hey friends! This weeks post is going to be unique! I wanted to share with you a little about my day to day and hope it gives you some ideas or encourages you in some way 🙂

Something I am able to do, because I am not working, is volunteer my time. I don’t do it as often as one would expect me to being I have all this crazy free time… some might even shame me because I don’t. But this season I am in is extremely unique and each day is a new day and I get the choice to love, serve, rest, and spend time with God in ways I haven’t been able to since I was a child and I won’t ever have this time again. Especially when my husband and I have our first of many children or we are in full-time ministry. (not a pregnancy announcement)

Little back story: I quit my job as a waitress a year ago and I started my journey as a stay at home wife and have been since. The first 9 months I volunteered in ministry with my college church and was preparing to move to Dallas with my husband. The past 3 months I haven’t had any ministry to do so I get to wake up when my body needs me to, I get to choose whatever I want to do each day (sometimes that’s not a good thing and I definitely take it for granted). Some days I get my “todo” list done way early. Other days I barely get out of bed by noon. I can have an extended quiet time, I can volunteer for all the things, or I can read all day long. Each night is date night in or out with my husband. Truly I know I am blessed, not everyone gets to have this season.

Some days I’ll be honest, I want to work and spend 8+ hours with people. Being along is hard especially because it’s been constant the past 3-4 months. Other days I need to stay in and be quiet with my husband even though I was alone all day. It seriously depends on my emotional health.

Lately, I have a few things on my list each week that I do my best to accomplish each week just to share what I do as a stay at home wife and how I can spend my time.

  1. Write this blog. My goal is to write a new post each week on Monday that is encouraging, uplifting, something fun and frivolous and something deep and real. The past few weeks though, I’ve been struggling with my emotional health and so writing what’s in me is scary and I don’t even know how to put pen to paper, or fingers to typing. But it does get published, no matter what. Albeit late, but it gets published.
  1. I have a job online working at Rev. Rev is an online captioning website where customers submit audio or videos that freelance transcriptionists type out in a document for them for a small pay. Typically $0.50 one audio minute, but upwards of $1.00. The videos vary in length and I get to pick my hours on how much I work/want to make. So far, after training (about 60 minutes of transcribing videos under a grader’s watch) I’ve made about $50 a week. Transcribing about 2 videos (about an hours worth of video/audio, but like 6-10ish hours work). Equaling about $6 an hour. Not great, but it’s extra income which is nice. I can make if I work more often up to $1000 a month, but averaging about $200-$400 for myself.
  2. I also keep up with cooking and cleaning. At least I try to cook very vegetable full and protein full meals and keep an eye on sugars and hidden sugars in what I make. On average I cook about 80% sugar-free and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my eating habits. However, I do need to focus more on my snacking issues. I snack pretty junkily. This past grocery trip though I got more easy to snack veggies and fruit so I see that as a win for me.
  3. I try to work out at least for 20 minutes each day. Even if its just a long walk in the evening with my husband and our dog. My dog needs to lose about 3lbs and I need to lose about 30lbs. So far he’s lost 1 and I’ve lost 7 so that’s a win for me in our book as well. But my goal is to be baby body ready before I’m pregnant. It’s definitely an achievable goal, but keeping the motivation up is hard, especially because I am home alone and having a buddy (aside from my sweet guy) is something I miss.
  4. I also try to read something new to learn about missions and the world around me each week. Sometimes its just one chapter in a book or a whole book or an article on a topic I’m learning about, but I try to inform myself of the things going around the world. Currently, my husband and I are taking a Perspectives class on the World Movement on Missions. It’s chock full of recent statistics and stories on the great commission and how EACH of us has a part to play every day. It’s not some higher and holier calling than an every day Joe. It’s a role we all have a part in but most people don’t realize. So I try to learn and read as much as I can about it so I can talk educated on it and advocate other Christian’s and my neighbors about God’s work and how we can play a part. (I hope to have a whole blog post dedicated to this too, maybe a month’s worth series!)
  5. Lately, I’ve been seeing and reading up on foster care and orphan care around the States and the world. I am in a Facebook group for fostering families so I get to read up on and hear all about common struggles and situations within the Social Work and Cases on fostering. But most of all I get to see and pray for kids all over the place who’s family homes are hard and the need they have for a stable home and love from parents. It’s truly sad the need and how simple it is to step up. I’ve heard multiple times excuses on why NOT to foster… “I don’t want to get attached to the child just to have them leave… it’s too hard… etc.” But we’re adults. They’re children… they need to attach. They need love. They need comfort and care and if someone doesn’t step up and get attached for the sake of the child, who will? Children need attachment more than we need to be protected from it. One day I hope to foster while we’re in the states, but if not due to the mission field of going overseas, I will advocate relentlessly for foster care in the states.

So with all those things that I try to do each week (and they don’t always happen, I’m not superwoman.) serving doesn’t happen all that much. But what I wanna share about that I’ve been able to volunteer for is something my friend started up at her church.

So my sweet friend Liza started up this foster support group in her church called Delivering Blessings and its where you deliver clothing, toys, car seats, etc to families that just got placed with a child or sibling set who didn’t have anything for the children of that age. Most kids when they are placed into a home it’s usually with just the clothes on their backs and they don’t have anything of comfort. So it’s such a big thing to bless these families who are fostering and being able to bless them with items they need for the children they are taking care of.

Well, this past Monday (hence I didn’t post last week) I was able to be a part of that and do a delivery for a family nearby who just got a placement. I felt so much a part of this good thing by supporting a family who is caring for children who need it when I’m not in that season yet. I know that the Lord is going to be doing good things through this. It is something I’m super blessed by because I’ve been learning so much about foster and caring for the fatherless child to be a part of the help and blessings for kids now.

So… with my day to day life being so sporadic and odd because I’m not working, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and learn the way I have been. And that I’ve been able to write and share what I’m up to with you! I know that this season is unique and I don’t want to take it for granted in the wrong way.

This post really is just to share where I am in my day to day life, and how each of us has a part to play. No matter how big or small. If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to message me. But I just wanted to show that no matter what, the Lord is using our seasons for His glory.




2 thoughts to “A Day in The Life of Me

  • Terry

    Just keep recalling that even a small step (yes even a teeny tiny one) is still a step. And it often seems, at times, that the smallest steps are the most difficult. Mostly because you don’t see the huge “movement”. Duh, it’s a small step!

    Consider “the baby”, if you will. A baby’s first small (walking) step was preceded by an enormous amount of little preparation “steps”. Without them there would have been no forward movement on foot.

    It’s very ok to “be a baby”. Babies are sponges. Babies are determined. Babies from zero to whhhaaaat?!!? COLLEGE!!! in a flash, and they start with out speaking or walking or feeding or dressing…you get the idea.

    You’ve got this. Because He has your heart. And because you can already “walk”. Never worry about the length of your steps, just the direction. Follow faith.

    Love you bunches – Mom

  • Terry

    I just noticed that this post said it’s 4:25 am! It’s so very NOT 4:25 am here. You might want to check that out.


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