I want to encourage you to take a seat and get comfy and warm as you start reading. This website ministry isn’t to its full standard yet, it is ever changing and growing and I imagine it being completely different years to come from now. But today, I am going to introduce you to Grace Empowered! First off, I just want to say, if you are looking for a friend and sister in Christ, desire to know God more intimately, build a long lasting friendship and seek God’s truth on a daily basis you are in the right place! I would love to be your friend. So settle in deeper to your couch with that cup of hot coffee (or tea!) and connect with me…

First the name: Grace Empowered. Wow. Two words yet a big concept. Just re-read the name and really, just try to imagine what it means, and what it means to you.

Because that is what it is: what you just envisioned is Grace Empowered.

For me when I close my eyes and imagine Grace Empowered, or imagine seeing it in my life I begin to envision growing close with a group of women in my life (online or in person) who light up my life in crazy genuine ways; who desire to live a life empowered by God’s grace every day. Women who share moments of joyous laughter with me, extended coffee and doughnut dates, where we feel the freedom to share our struggles and pray for each other… and building on our and hopes and dreams that God has placed in our hearts intentionally.

Because if you haven’t been told yet; God has placed a dream in your heart intentionally and it’s amazing.

The vision behind Grace is my desire to cultivate real and long lasting friendships; women of all ages and seasons seeking to see God’s grace in every area of our lives and getting down and dirty with it. Rolling around in the favor of God that He dreams for us!

Truly being empowered by Christ and His grace so that we can live fearlessly and boldly for Him: together.

That sounds great and all.. but I’ve been coming to this hard fact: As women, it is so hard to be vulnerable: especially because we don’t feel safe or welcomed. Here; I hope regardless of our fears, situations in life, seasons, and trials; we can strive to take chances, seek the truth, and be unafraid of the path we are walking because we know God goes before us and with us.

So why not go together?

I envision us choosing to chase grace: that unmerited favor that Jesus wants to pour all over us in wave after wave. We ask, seek, knock and we find because He is asking us to come to Him.

My hope is with Grace Empowered, you don’t feel lost, small, or alone.

I believe that intimacy and true depth of friendship start with one person being vulnerable. So, if I hold out on being genuine, then the whole relationship is held back from going deeper. So I will strive to be vulnerable in every post, whether it’s sharing a funny story or a hard season I’ve been through. I hope that through this, we are challenged to dig into scripture and see the Lord calls us all out to be bold in our faith, bold in our love, and be bold to come to His throne. To take courage, for God is with us and to walk in love and kindness.

In the words of Cinderella (2015 movie!): “I want to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer: Have courage and be kind.”

So sister friend, let’s be bold and chase grace.