I’m 25 years old and  I am a stay at home wife to my amazing husband Chris, and I am aspiring blogger/writer. Jesus Christ is my Savior and I love Him sooo much, It is because of Him and for Him I pursue this blog.

The little things about me? I am obsessed with coffee. I dream about doughnuts when I am stressed and I also bite my nails. (Maybe too much coffee?) My husband and I got married in July of 2016 and we have been involved in college student ministry at Texas A&M (WHOOP!) for the past 5 years through attending and then as servant leaders. We just moved to the Dallas area in the beginning of June 2017. We have a miniature dachshund and I take pictures of him daily: His name is Humphrey (yes we sometimes call him little Humps). WOn a more serious note: we have a deep-rooted dream to love the fatherless and we aren’t sure yet how God is going to call us into orphan care in the future, but we know it is coming.

Because I cannot get enough of my own life and friends.. Heres a sneak peek of my everyday.

Me in Monterrey, Mexico on a trip my hubs and I took with our college church.

The Students we have been ministering to at Texas A&M. Our student group name is Pibydd- *pronounced pibith. It’s welsh for Sandpiper.

The Women I was in leadership with at Texas A&M; great friends, sister, mentors, and ladies I love dearly.

My Husband and I 😉

My sweet Humphrey

Another of my sweet Humphrey 😉 Isn’t he just so cute?!

My In-Laws (Ron and Debbie) and my parents (Terry and Mike)

Now for the blog… to be candid, this idea came to me pretty sudden. I was actually browsing Pinterest for a hot minute (*coughactually4hourscough*) just looking for something fun to do to be a part of for easy money (I am blessed to be a SaHWife/petMom). I was looking for something to help with finances for my hubby mostly because I felt too much and a burden by not working. So to combat that lie, and pursuing a dream (aspiring blogger!), I saw that you could monetize blogs I wanted to jump right on in! If you have any questions on my heart behind monetizing it please read my disclosure policy! 🙂

Yet, as I began the process I had to seriously ask myself the deeper questions (the ones we often find SO hard to ask ourselves):

Why will I keep this blog running? How will I stand out? What really speaks to me? What do I have to offer? Am I following the Lord in this? Is this supposed to be a ministry?

But as I started processing the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of my heart in this, I realized I wanted to bring more to the blogging community than just another typical SAHM DIY blog where I write my thoughts down like a journal entry and maybe… gasp! An attempt writing a book.

So I asked myself the question: “If I were looking for a blog, what would I really want?”

I realized it then: I wanted a true, deep, and a real vulnerable community.

A community that won’t leave if I move the country on missions, or move from town to town due to career obligations for my husband…

I personally follow a whole array of blogs from foodies, to diy blogging, SAHM blogs, Christian discipleship blogs, and sisterhood blogs. But I feel like a small woman lost in a huge crowd seeking for just one friend… but getting lost in the wayside.

So with creating this blog, I am learning how to trust Jesus with my families finances, treating this “hobby” like a job, and dreaming how it can become a ministry in the future, or how it is already one to just one person.

I hope ya’ll enjoy! Please head on over to my contact me page to email me about topics, questions, or if you live in Dallas and want to meet up!